Motoring Club

AXLR8R Formula Racing, is the formula student team of IIT Delhi. This family of 25 undergraduate students is united by its passion for racing and designs, fabricates and builds High Power Electric Formula Student Vehicles. The club was incepted in 2006 as the Automobile Club of IIT Delhi and soon began designing and manufacturing open-wheel formula-style electric race-cars to compete with the best teams in the world in some of the biggest university-level design competitions.

AXLR8R Formula Racing was the First Indian Electric team to clear all technical inspections at Formula Student Germany 2019 and drive their car on German F1 track. In 2020, they participated in 2 virtual formula student events. In the National event – Formula Bharat’21, they bagged the most number of awards among multiple domains. They are the only Indian electric team to have 2 podium places in an International Event (FSAE-Australasia 2020).

Axlr8r Formula Racing is dedicated to designing, fabricating, testing, developing, racing and promoting the finest Formula racing cars. Through our creativity, ingenuity, and dexterity we aim to inculcate innovation and to broaden the horizons of every student.