Aravali Hostel has been at the forefront of many cultural and sporting activities convened in the institute and outside. It has produced one of the finest Waterpolo Players, Tennis Players, Debaters, Artists, and Quiz Masters. Every Aravali resident carries an unparalleled zeal that manifests with their achievements in sports, academics, and cultural activities. The culture of Aravali has always been very supportive and considerate to people who need it, be it the tried and tested ‘funde’ by seniors or those impromptu sessions with your TA’s in the common rooms; Help is never denied!


Aravali gym is in command of the most elaborate equipment, which has played its part in fulfilling the needs of fitness enthusiasts and creating some. Winning the debating trophy, inter hostel dramatics events, Institute level quizzes, and electing important student representatives have been some of the feathers in our cap in the past years. The mess facility and sanitation in Aravali have drastically improved and stood among the best on Campus, with the house working committees sweat and blood making this a reality. Recent renovations have rendered most of the interior, including rooms, washrooms, and corridors, as good as new and effuse a mixed sense of antiquity and freshness.


The uncertainty with the Pandemic has also posed new challenges in terms of community interaction. We will prioritize maintaining the sense of community among residents till things remain virtual. Once a sense of normalcy returns, we plan to get the common area and the TV room renovated and build on the hostel’s sports facilities.


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Prof Deepti Gupta