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IIT Delhi Turns 61!

Launches Milestone Fundraiser

Celebrating the spirit of “Going Further by Giving back”, IIT Delhi’s Endowment Fund aims to raise Rs. 600 Crore (US$ 80M) from alumni, to support advancement of its strategic goals in teaching and research.

What is a Pledge ?

A pledge is a commitment to contribute to IIT Delhi as per your chosen category. You may contribute the total chosen amount over a period of up to five years.

Commemorating 61 years IIT Delhi launches “Going Further, by Giving Back" fundraiser; Seeks Rs.600 Cr in pledges from Alumni

Celebrating 61 years since the founding of the Institute on 17th August 1961, IIT Delhi is reaching out to its alumni around the world through its “Going Further, by Giving Back” fundraising campaign, seeking support to realise the eminent Institute’s strategic vision for 2030. To achieve its ambitious aspirations moving forward from this 60th year milestone, the IIT Delhi Endowment Foundation aims to raise Rs 600 Crore (about $80M) in pledges over the next 5 years from its alumni who have passed through its hallowed halls.


 “Going further, by Giving Back” 


As IIT Delhi sets the course for its future, the institute has identified the importance of diversifying its funding sources in order to deliver on its higher levels of teaching, research, and strategic goals. In its Vision 2030 document, released by the Vice President of India on the Institute’s Diamond Jubilee in 2020, IIT Delhi has outlined its strategy focused on five long-term priorities i.e.

  1. Strengthening Teaching and Research
  2. Investing in technology leadership in select areas
  3. Revamping industry engagements
  4. Setting up a world-class entrepreneurship center for alumni, students, and faculty
  5. Building a strong alumni engagement team

Some recent projects at IIT Delhi, include the establishment of the School of Artificial intelligence, the building of an Observatory for Atmospheric Sciences at the Institute’s new campus at Sonipat, construction of new sports facilities on campus, and establishment of several professorial chairs in diverse areas such as  Public Policy, Computer Science, Optics, Mathematics, and Decision Sciences.


The “Going Further, by Giving Back” fundraising campaign will be focused on outreach activities to engage and involve the global community of over 54,000 IIT Delhi alumni to contribute and participate in the Institute’s core mission and purpose in the advancement of science, technology, nation-building, and international collaboration.


This target is one of the largest ever seen in India’s higher education sector and has been inspired by annual fundraising approaches by leading Universities like Oxford, Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, who have raised even larger levels of alumni and philanthropic funding through their annual campaigns. Over the years, IIT Delhi alumni have achieved significant success. In the last two decades alone, IIT Delhi alumni have launched over 800 start-ups, raising over US$ 19 billion in funds collectively,  placing the institute amongst the league of the world’s top-ten undergraduate programs in terms of the number of start-ups founded and capital raised by its graduates.

What is a Pledge ?

A pledge is a commitment to contribute to IIT Delhi as per your chosen category. You may contribute the total chosen amount over a period of up to five years.

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