STAYCON is our initiative to nurture a connection between the alumni and the Institute and is specifically targeted to the younger alums of IITD. Alumni who participate in this initiative agree to pay a fixed sum (minimum of Rs. 1000) per year to IITD for as many years as they wish. In investment parlance, this would be a Systematic Giving Plan (SGP) wherein alums keep contributing to your Alma Mater over a minimum period of five years. If you let us know a particular date (your Birthday, Anniversary, etc.) on which you would like to make this annual contribution our office will remind you of that date every year.

Around 400 alums have signed this pledge so far.  The contributions will be used for various initiatives for our students like travel grants for conferences, research and teaching support, and other programs. Through this initiative, we also look forward to obtaining guidance and mentorship from our alums and working in close collaboration with them to support the Institute’s Vision.

You can make a donation towards any of the causes listed on the website. One of the causes that are in urgent need of your support is the “Student Distress Fund”. Students at IIT Delhi come from very diverse backgrounds, and many come from economically fragile families where small shocks can jeopardize their education and plans. There have been several cases of students’ exigencies in terms of sudden critical illness, accidents and life-threatening diseases etc. Often, the insurance cover is not sufficient. The institute, too, is unable to access the large sums sometimes required for this purpose. Because of this, IITD created a student distress fund from donations received from alumni, philanthropists and well-wishers.

The CoviD-19 crisis has put this fund under severe stress. Students have lost parents or their parents have lost jobs and many more have been subject to severe financial difficulties due to medical expenses incurred on close family members. We need your help to combat this crisis and continue to provide our students a rich learning and living experience and to support those who have suffered immensely during this pandemic.

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