If there were one word that could describe the Lions of Gir, it would be Majestic.


Girnar, the youngest House at IIT, is home to one of the most accommodating, tightly-knit, and sizably diverse communities on Campus. Meritorious scholars, exemplary seniors, and the yearly crop of bright and zealous freshers; all form the heart of this community carefully sculpted around the virtues of passion and cooperation. Whatever is the issue, there will always be considerate faces right around the corner, ready to enlighten us with their tried and tested ‘funde’ or to cheer with you and for you as the much-celebrated Inter-Hostel events roll out. The sense of pride derived from the laurels of accomplishment, and collective belonging has enabled this family to have the mightiest roar in the Jungle.


Being one of the youngest houses, the onus of defining its legacy had been on the past few batches; and boy did they deliver. In the last four years, we have clinched 3 General Championship Podiums and, amidst great skepticism, tearing away the so-called ‘underdogs’ tag by lifting the much-coveted GC in 2020. Girnar House has been the definition of success, churning out victories in numerous Cultural Competitions, winning Podium after Podium in events such as Debating, Dramatics, and Chess. One of the main reasons behind such rapid growth has been the ability to elucidate brilliant and enigmatic leaders. Electing the general secretaries to 3 boards and regularly electing secretaries to several clubs has helped the House maintain a firm standing in Hostel events. Many of them act as the guiding beacons for the incoming batches. A significant contribution has been from the past House Working Committees, working tirelessly to resolve all possible grievances and provide the residents with the best possible facilities as the family grows stronger than ever.


Looking to continue this path, the House aims to encourage further development of all its residents and the IIT Community. Increasing the amount and frequency of constructive interactions among the students and thus strengthening the collective ties; also provide the residents with the best possible opportunities.

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Prof Deepti Gupta