A young girl walks into a strange, intimidating building which she has to live in for the next four years. But, when she walks out of it four years later, that building isn’t strange anymore. It’s comfortable. It’s truly her home. She remembers the 3 am conversations she has had with her roommates. She recalls the gyan she has received from her seniors and that which she has given to her juniors. She remembers memorable moments in the building, some in her room, some on the terrace, and some near the fire-exits.


Himadri has it all. Umpteen dance practices in the basement to prepare for GD, debating sessions in the VR, and Drama practices. All incredibly memorable. In terms of cultural activities, a lot of time is spent making club activities and gaining points. Apart from the culture, various initiatives have been taken in the spirit of improving every residents’ hostel experience. Engaging events were enthusiastically organized. We built a feedback system for the mess food. The old mess equipment was refurbished and separate food arrangements made for the sick, all to ensure better hygiene and standards. Evening snacks were prepared in-house to provide a hygienic alternative to external vendors. Cultural inventory was also restocked. An indoor sports area was set up and gym equipment promptly maintained. Festive meals were provided to make residents feel at home on special occasions. In addition, recreational activities like In-Hostel Diwali and Lohri celebrations, Rangoli, twister, movie screening, Antakshari, DJ night, and many more are frequently organized. This, in hopes that the students will unwind while weaving together memories to cherish for life. Initiatives were taken to include PGs in the decision-making process and keep them informed. The hostel’s aesthetic glitz was escalated by redesigning the BRCA room, guest house, and visitors’ room. Mess walls were redecorated, urging residents to reduce food wastage. Air purifiers were installed in the Hostel common areas. The cultural team also prepared a magazine in the hostel to guide the newbies into our thriving hostel culture.


This isn’t all though, there’s a lot more in store. Upcoming initiatives include a food vending machine inside the hostel and a food truck nearby. Alumni connect network is also up and coming to establish relations between hostel alumni and residents for research guidance, startup funding, scholarships, and so on. Further, focus on recreational activities will increase through the introduction of yoga sessions and art therapy as well as through the development of hostel infrastructure including the library, musical instruments, etc., to help ensure a holistic experience for all residents.

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