Looking back to experiences of one’s days in Kailash, one can never forget the overwhelming enthusiasm that the Students have. There’s a constant thrive in everyone to be a part and take the culture in Kailash to great heights. Be it the BHM trophy, BRCA trophy, BSA, BSP, Kailash has proven to be worthy and has given a fierce front year over year. Each resident of Kailash has contributed to this journey and has been part and parcel of these achievements. The participation from Kailash increased tremendously, not just in terms of numbers but also in terms of people becoming aware of their talents through regular workshops and intra-hostel events.


Development is not only on the cultural front but in infrastructure and the consciousness among residents. The foundation of a brimming sports culture has been set up in the last five years. A badminton court, basketball court, gym, development of Kailash Activity Center (KAC, analogous to indoor sports room) with TT table, carrom and other indoor games, other sports equipment of optimum quality are a few developments Kailash has proudly made during these years. Kailash now has a fully air-conditioned dance room and music room on the cultural front. The visitor’s room has been upgraded with new furniture. Not just that, Kailash now has its own library. Students do not have to be a part of the hustle of grabbing seats at the institute library. Also, the parlour of Kailash has been a lifesaver at times of need.


Unfortunately, the Pandemic did take a toll on the businesses of people and the Hostel Life. Nevertheless, we plan to adopt the new normal, and as everything is restoring, we intend to develop what our forebears have laid the foundation for. Be it a fully functional gym better than the private ones, or a wholly ventilated Sports Room, thus saving energy on the air conditioning front, or the library with knowledge of books where one can dive in, a music room with upgraded instruments, and so on!! We aim to bring Kailash residents closer, have bonds tighter than ever, and provide them with all we can.

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