Karakoram Hostel has been a frontrunner in many academic, cultural, and sporting domains. It has the distinction of producing some of the finest dancers and dramatists on campus year after year. The residents of Karakoram have also excelled in sports such as squash, hockey, and basketball, with a few going on to win accolades at inter-college levels. On the academic front, many pioneers in technology, academia, and entrepreneurship have called Karakoram home.


Karakoram hostel boasts of one of the finest lawns on Campus. Lush green &  laced with flowers, they were the winners of the garden trophy in 2019. The hostel mess is also one of the best in business, both in food quality and sanitation. In the recent past, efforts have been made to make all kinds of amenities available in the hostel regarding cultural & sporting activities. This includes a new volleyball court, a bigger gym, and improved indoor sports. Despite being one of the oldest hostels, residents of Karakoram have taken numerous initiatives over the years to ensure that the hostel remains an inspiration for all.


After the pandemic is over and things go back to normal, one of the priorities would be revamping the washrooms in the hostel, ensuring better sanitation and hygiene. The ultimate aim is not just to make the hostel better in terms of facilities, but also sustainable in terms of waste minimization. Also, the hostel’s main building is over fifty years old, and plans are being made to renovate certain sections of the building entirely. There are plans to bring in more and advanced equipment for the gym to cater to the demands of the hostelers. Installing Air Conditioners and some other facilities in the common room and TV room is also on the cards. A few career guidance sessions from the hostel alumni who excelled in different streams like Finance, Core, Consult, UPSC, etc., are planned. Also, proper tracking of all hostel resources, online complaint redressal & query system, and providing incentives for the greater good of the Kara fraternity.

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