Hum hain sher, humara Kumaon, humse kaun paar payega

Dil hai bada pyaar se bhara, duniya ko jeet jayega.


Kumaon house is known for its remarkable achievements in BRCA, BSA, and BSP trophies over the years. It is a well-known fact that the RCA trophy had to be shut down for a few years due to the over domination of one hostel – Kumaon. When it was reinstated in the academic year 2019-20, guess who won it again – Kumaon.


Kumaon has won the GC consecutively five times, which is the longest streak in the trophy history. All this is credited to the beautiful culture established in the hostel and is carried forward by each batch passionately. The senior mould freshers, joining each year, emerge as winners in every field, and this is achieved through the close bond of seniors and juniors and the zealous support from the alumni of Kumaon.


Hostels become home for the students during their stay at IIT Delhi. Getting attached to even small things from your hostel is pretty standard, but Kumaon has so many things to get connected to. The delicious Choco Lava cake, the Mother Dairy outlet outside the hostel gate, is famous for its Maggi and the beautiful Kumaon circle. Although it gets filled with water during the rainy season, even this pool reminds people of many memorable incidents of Kumaon, which used to light up their sad day. Over the past years, Kumaon has had many special days, be it the Golden Jubilee Alumni Reunion to the Chetan Bhagat interaction with the students, the spirit to represent the hostel in IIT or outside IIT has been passed down from year after year.


In the future, each person from Kumaon aspires to continue the glorious RCA and GC legacy that our seniors have established over the years. We plan to build an RCA room in place of the old cycle stand so that we can enhance our culture even more. As the hostel building is quite old, there is a need to revamp the washrooms and some rooms as well as we had a few incidents last year. We also plan to add more equipment to the gym to meet the demands of hostellers. Also, we aim to bring the glorious Kumaon family, both inside and outside the Campus, together and thus, building a bond for the greater good.


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