Nilgiri is a part of our identity. We Bulls won’t brag much (tho we have the best alumni among all houses), but our hostel has a brilliant history. The street-play competition wins have forged us into a Dramatics stronghold. Nilgiri has some ace swimmers and water polo players among our excellent teams, making it possible for us to bring home the inter-hostel water polo championships year after year. Be it Volleyball, Quizzing, Literary, or Politics, we are still the key to all.

We the Bulls give our best at everything, and this has recently led to many intense rivalries. Combined with the fact that the BRCA, BSA, BSW, BSP, and BHM trophies are all up for our grabs, things have gotten really fired up. Cheering and Anti-cheering are a hallmark of Nilgiri bois and our enthu, NilBulls! NilBulls! NilBulls! NilBulls!

Despite being one of the oldest, Nilgiri is the newly renovated and one of the most well-maintained hostels on the Campus. The more recent developments also include Revamping of the Mess, formation of official Nilgiri social media Handles and Groups, Virtual edition of Fests, Fantasy and eSports, Hostel tours; Online surveys, Completion of the new Volleyball Court in the rear area of the hostel, among other renovations.

The Young Bulls are forever participating in everything and earning laurels for Nilgiri while at the same time gaining respect and endearment from the seniors who help us with anything we want. As a future prospect, our House plans to foster an environment where our Alums and Seniors can help Hostel workers and economically weaker students when in need. We also intend to provide alums with information regarding our various ongoing projects (that can’t be fully funded by the hostel funds) so that they can both introduce and champion particular prospects like Trophy Cabinet Installation, Dance room flooring, or Nilgiri’s sports infrastructure modernization, whichever they feel are close to their hearts.
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Prof Deepti Gupta 

Ms Ayesha Kutay