Historically, Satpura has been a powerhouse in Dance and Dramatics, producing some of the finest dancers and institute-level dramatists. Lately, there has also been a steep rise in Debating and PFC culture. It has also produced some of the best Institute level swimmers who represent IIT in various Inter-college competitions. Satpura is also famous for producing some of the best coders and developers in recent times, many of them reaching the finals of the best coding competitions. The hostel also boasts a large number of high CGPA students, Department Toppers, and Department changes.


Satpura is known for one of the best Wall paintings among all Hostels. It also owns one of the finest gardens on Campus. Lush green and very well maintained, we were the second runners-up in Garden Trophy 2019. We also have one of the best messes on Campus, both in terms of food quality and cleanliness. Every year we do our best to make all kinds of amenities available to the residents. Lately, in 2019-20, a new gym was built, and several new machines were bought. The volleyball court was also renovated with a new net where our players practiced a lot for the inter hostel tournament, ultimately resulting in a better position than last year. Furthermore, to ensure better residents’ safety, we have installed 13 new cameras at a strategic location to better track hostel activities.


Satpura will always strive to provide its residents with the best possible facilities. The Pandemic has brought many changes in our lives, and we all would have to adapt to a new normal. We have to think about new ways to bring a sense of community among hostel residents. For this, we plan to conduct information sessions monthly where residents can interact and get to know each other. Apart from this, we also plan to work Alumni Sessions where alumni can share their experiences and give career guidance to the residents. After college reopens, one of the main priorities would be to ensure an enhanced level of sanitation in the hostel. There are also plans to build a new music room with proper soundproofing. Efforts are also being made to revamp the hostel website to make monitoring and complaint registration wholly online and transparent.

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Prof Deepti Gupta