Shivalik is one of the oldest and culturally rich hostels at IIT Delhi, famous for its immense culture, participation, and alumni. Unlike other hostels, the unity among the residents is never lasting here.


People enjoy being a part of the hostel and the senior’s encouragement fills up the enthusiasm in the fresher to participate in all the activities with the great spark to secure top positions for the hostel’s pride. Inter hostel fresher’s general championship was first introduced last year, and Shivalik secured the top place because of the excellent coordination and enthusiasm among the residents. The inter hostel street play and group dance are few events that made people rejoice in the essence of culture, and that’s what made the aura immensely magnificent.


There have been many developments in the hostel in the past few years, like this year Shivalik won the RCA trophy that shows the quantity and the quality of participation has vastly increased. The respect for the seniors is always there with increased love and mutual understanding, enhancing the fun, participation, and learning among the residents. Not just the RCA but the BSP Trophy also found its place at Shivalik this year. Discourse, Fresher’s APD, Art Workshops, Dance Workshops, and regular Quizzes on the Instagram page were also conducted successfully with significant participation. The quality participation was immense, and the step-wise achievements encouraged the participants to give their best. These achievements come from the utmost guidance that juniors acquire from their seniors, which helps their overall development.


In recent years, the increased budget flow has helped a lot in developing various clubs, as a better stage setup for the drama club, which helped secure top positions. We will be conducting workshops in the best possible way for every club to teach the best skills among people. And likewise, more budgets in future will help us in further development of different clubs.

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Prof Deepti Gupta