Vindhyachal House has always had a very tight-knit community, and thus, a vibrant hostel culture. The past few batches have strived to take this forward, with us coming to Second Runners-up in both the BSA and the BRCA trophy last year. The significant interaction between the batches has led to solid passing down of traditions while creating new ones. You’ll find people dancing in the TT rooms any time you visit, practicing plays in the CR, or just hanging out in the common areas, and it’s this sense of community that we aim to take forward.


We have tried to expand the common areas by adding a new football patch behind the cycle stands. We have also revamped the reception area by shifting the shop outside and adding new seating and a TV. Updating other common areas like the resurfacing of the cricket pitch and basketball court and improving the washrooms was also undertaken. Thus, we aimed to give our residents a better quality of life and improve the recreational areas.


While Vindhyachal is one of the smallest hostels on Campus, we have always put our best foot forward. But the acute lack of space and overcrowding has taken its toll. We have recently tried to bring in more indoor games with a new snooker table and a planned foosball table. The TT room is also currently used for both Dance as well as TT. Thus, we plan to expand the common areas and make a dedicated Indoor sports room by combining the storerooms we have next to the badminton courts and shifting the gym to this more extensive area.

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Prof Deepti Gupta