Batch of 1968 Electrical

“Ours was the first batch of Electrical Engineering in the newly designated Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (from College of Engineering, Hauz Khas). Having completed the graduation in 1968, our batch mates dispersed to various parts of the world seeking new opportunities and a career for themselves. We are currently based in Canada, Singapore, UK, USA and India and have built successful careers in academia, IT, government, business etc. We had an opportunity to regroup during the celebrations of our golden jubilee at IITD in December 2018. It was amazing how quickly the group came together as if the 50 years of separation had not made a difference. Faces had matured, many of us were showing the effects of aging, none the less the comradery and the memories of time spent at our Alma Mater was still fresh in our minds. We feel an immense sense of pride and gratitude for our Alma Mater which not only gave us a first class education but also the self-confidence to face the world on an equal footing.


We admire the progress IITD has made WORLDWIDE in name and fame and wish to show our appreciation by creating this scholarship ENDOWMENT fund. We are raising this scholarship to honour two late academicians who were guiding us during those pioneering days at IIT Delhi in the 1960s. These two are Professor C S Jha and Professor P V Indiresan who were the first two Heads of the Electrical Engineering Department during that period. The third person we wish to honour is late Professor Priti Monteiro Shankar, our own batch mate and the first ever woman Electrical Engineering graduate of IIT Delhi who also went on to have a distinguished academic career at Indian institute of Science Bangalore. We would also like to pay tribute to the missing colleagues who have gone to their heavenly abode.


We hope this is the first of many ways in which we can engage with and pay something back for what our Alma Mater provided to us.

On behalf of IITD Community… Thanks a lot Batch Of 1968!!

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November 24, 2021

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November 21, 2021

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