CSE Research Accelerator Fund

The Computer Science and Engineering department’s vision is to grow research activity aggressively over the next decade in order to emerge as a leading computer science department worldwide. The department is currently rated number 2 amongst the CS departments in India by QS rankings (2021) and ranked 70 in the world. Our goal is to break into the top 50 in the next two years and into the top 30 in the next five years.

Key aspects of the strategy to achieve this goal involve hiring promising faculty, postdocs and PhD students and support them adequately in their efforts to do research and become active and respected members of the research community. The department feels that partnering with our alumni is an appropriate mode of raising funds for this purpose since our alumni typically feel a sense of pride in having earned their degree from this department and are emotionally invested in seeing the department rise to its potential.

The activities to be supported by the fund are
  • International conference travel for each PhD student to any leading conference in their research field.
  • Travel support for visits by promising faculty candidates that the department wishes to attract, including those who have not yet formally applied or have not yet been through the formal shortlisting process. This would be especially useful for foreign faculty candidates who may not be visiting India in the natural course of things.
  • Initial international conference travel support for faculty to supplement the institute’s travel support.
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Visit alumni.cse.iitd.ac.in to find out how contributions to the fund have been used.

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