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IIT Delhi Endowment Fund

Reliable long-term support from endowments enables institutions to take greater risks in undertaking innovative projects, increasing student aids in the form of scholarships, fostering research excellence by instituting faculty chairs, developing stronger teaching programs, and enhancing physical infrastructure. Such endowments also allow institutions like ours to confidently engage in long-term planning without sustainability risk to critical projects.


The IIT Delhi endowment fund was formally launched on 31st October 2019 by the Hon’ble President of India, Mr Ram Nath Kovind, at a glittering ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Launched with an initial commitment of Rs 262 Crore by over 17 founder alumni. In its first year, the IIT Delhi Endowment corpus has received contributions of over Rs. 80 Crores (about $11M) from pioneer Founders and contributors, who have committed over Rs 260 Cr (over $36M) over 5 years.


The fund will work towards the development of the institute, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and allow IIT Delhi to deliver greater value and attain higher levels of quality in teaching and research. The earnings from the fund are utilised under the guidance of a Governing Board of Advisors consisting of alumni and Director and Dean (alumni) of IIT Delhi. To create a best-in-class structure, systems, and processes for the Fund, IITD has set up a not-for-profit, the Endowment Management foundation, which is led by Mr Vinay Piparsania (BTech/ME/85).


The IIT Delhi Endowment Fund is a critical component of our plans for long-term financial stability. Over the years, we expect the Endowment to grow significantly through the generosity of our alumni, friends and well-wishers, corporates, and philanthropists. 



Donor Recognition

An alumni Donor can become a founder by contributing Rs 10 Cr and a Co-Founder by contributing Rs 5 Cr to the IIT Delhi Endowment Fund.

Donor Contribution

All contributions are welcome!

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