Seminar Hall

The seminar hall at IIT Delhi is an iconic and integral feature of the Institute and was inaugurated in 1968. It has been the heart and soul of the Institute and a focal point of its activities since the day of its inception.

Most alumni would remember the day when they first entered the portals of IIT Delhi and were seated in the Seminar Hall for an orientation session. The Sem-hall as it has been fondly known by legions of our alumni has hosted a variety of events from student orientations, cultural and academic events, seminars, prize distributions etc. Inter hostel fresher events, music competitions, dance and drama contest have enlivened the environments of the Seminar hall on numerous occasions and created a special corner for this hall in our hearts and minds.

During rendezvous every year the hall is booked choc-a-block for numerous literary, cultural and theatrical events. For a few days then it becomes the centre of Delhi college life with students from around the city – and many from other parts of India – making a beeline to it.

The seminar hall also plays host to visiting dignitaries, international and national symposia/ workshops/conferences, meetings of professional bodies etc. With a capacity to seat 425 people and perhaps the best location in all of IITD it is truly the centre of the Institute’s everyday life. Its importance can be gauged from the fact that although over 50 years old, it could not undergo much needed renovations due to unavailability of an alternate space. It is only during 2020 when the hall could not be used due to the CoViD pandemic that it could be taken off-duty for a major renovation.

Ongoing renovations will improve the look and feel of the walls, floor, doors, windows etc, provide better thermal insulation and acoustics, install auditorium chairs with desklets to add to the multipurpose capability of the space, make it disabled friendly and energy efficient and provide the latest audio-visual systems.

Donor Recognition

Donor(s) will be able to choose an appropriate name which will be displayed prominently.

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