Established in 1965, Jwalamukhi hostel has been a Sports Powerhouse of the Institute for the longest. It has produced brilliant sportspersons who have shown their mettle in various high-stakes tournaments in and out of the institute. The hostel recently came off its four-year Sports General Championship winning streak. Apart from sports, Jwalamukhi hostel has also been one of the best hostels in terms of Cultural activities and has produced great talent in various areas like Drama, Performing Arts, Design, Dance, etc. This hostel also brags alumni in the ranks of billionaires and top-ranking officers of the country. All of this has been sustained by a supportive culture of mentorship that carefully cultivates the freshmen every year and introduces them to various aspects of college life. These bonds formed with seniors in freshmen years often last for a lifetime. All the residents of the Jwalamukhi hostel live together as a big community that works with the motto of- Fire and Victory.


In recent years, the hostel has seen the development of an air-conditioned reading room and the gym’s up-gradation and equipment. It has also seen the renovation of the front end of the hostel, including the guard desk and the common areas. The quality of the hostel garden has improved significantly. The TV room of the hostel also saw some recent renovation. A new pool table was also brought to the hostel.


For the future, the hostel seeks to further improve the gym by adding weights for training and a music system. The music room will also be upgraded with new and better instruments, and the Dance room will be reorganized to make space for a BRCA room equipped with a projector and a screen to provide a space for joint meetings of the students for various purposes. The reading room will be expanded in terms of seating capacity.

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