Prof Dinesh Mohan Chair

Professor Mohan started his career with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in Washington DC, USA. Since 1976 he was with IIT Delhi Centre of Biomedical Engineering and did pioneering work through the establishment of the Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Programme (TRIPP).



Prof Mohan was one of the world’s leading experts on traffic safety issues and human tolerance to injury. His work has significantly advanced motorcycle helmet design, pedestrian and bicyclist safety and child restraint regulations, and helped develop safer ways for various modes of transportation to safely share the roadways. He and his colleagues are responsible for bringing the world’s attention to the importance of the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists internationally and popularising the term ‘vulnerable road users’ in reference to these road users. He along with his team helped develop policies on safer fireworks, agricultural equipment like fodder cutters and threshers, school bus designs, motor vehicle and helmet standards.



Prof Mohan was a recipient of several distinctions and awards which includes the Distinguished Alumni award from IIT Bombay and the University of Delaware. He was on several committees nationally and internationally on Traffic Safety and Injury Prevention besides being on Editorial boards of top journals. He has authored and co-authored several books and articles in scholarly journals. He was a great humanist and fervent supporter of Individual rights. The Delhi Declaration on People’s Right to Safety is one such example besides many others. He was also a leading columnist and commentator on issues related to the public interest.



Prof Dinesh Mohan (75) died on May 21 after suffering a cardiac arrest having been hospitalised due to Covid. He leaves behind a team of inspired researchers both in India and abroad to carry forward the sustainable transport and liveable cities movement. As a tribute to this great academician’s career IITD wishes to institute the “Prof Dinesh Mohan Chair” in Transportation Research and Safety. 

Contact Info

Prof KR Rao, coordinator TRIPP

Ms Ayesha Kutay

+91 989999282372

Donor Contribution

An endowment of INR 1 crore can fund the chair in perpetuity. All contributions, big or small, are welcome!