High Performance Computing

IIT Delhi intends to setup a world class platform for large scale computations with opportunities to collaborate for high impact research. 


The present HPC facility at IIT Delhi’s Hauz Khas Campus is housed in the basement of the Central Library, and is maintained by the HPC group comprising of faculty members from different academic units at IIT Delhi.


The facility is rated at 2 petaflop and is considered one of the Top-4 Supercomputers in India. It is a major attraction for prospective faculty and is used by about 1000 Users from different research groups at IIT Delhi. On an average 50 Journal Publications are published every year citing the contributions of IIT Delhi HPC.


Current thrust areas include

  1. Molecular simulations using quantum mechanical and classical mechanics methods to understand related problems in biology, chemistry, physics and engineering
  2. Numerical methods based simulations to understand fluid dynamics, chemistry, biology, mechanics and related research problems
  3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning based research across various scientific disciplines.
  4. Numerical simulations of weather and climate using atmosphere, ocean and coupled models.

The infrastructure requires an initial investment of INR 60 Crore. Hardware for data centre and compute nodes will require about INR 140 Crore. In all, HPCR-CoE is looking for about INR 200 Crore of initial investment.

Donor Recognition

Donor(s) to the HPC will be recognized suitably by naming laboratories and other units

To learn more contact

Prof Ali Haider haider@iitd.ac.in

Ms Ayesha Kutay