Thin Film Lab

Thin Film Laboratory (TFL) of the Physics Department, IITD, is internationally recognized as a Research School of excellence in the fields of Solid State Physics and Technology of Thin Films. TFL has established facilities for depositing films of metals, insulators, semiconductors and alloys in amorphous as well as polycrystalline and single crystal form by thermal evaporation, sputtering (dc-, rf-magnetron and ion-beam), glow discharge, ion plating, electrolysis, solution growth, spray pyrolysis, chemical conversion, chemical vapor deposition, splat quenching and melt spinning techniques under clean room conditions. Vacuum coating units, in the medium and ultra high vacuum range, with accessories for monitoring, controlling and in-situ measurements have been developed indigenously. The facilities allow the preparation of films under controlled conditions and the study of structural, thermal, electrical, magnetic and optical properties thereof. The Laboratory is unique in the country in having deposition, analytical, measurement, device fabrication and evaluation facilities under one roof. 

The wide range of capabilities of the Laboratory have been utilized to undertake a spectrum of activities ranging from sophisticated technological areas to the frontiers of basic and applied solid state physics. The guiding philosophy of the Laboratory has been the attainment of academic excellence. The desire is tempered with an equally strong commitment to apply the fruits of research wherever possible. This is reflected in the large number of consultancy projects, product/process improvement and know-how transfer to the Indian industry.

Development of mission oriented scientists has been one of the major facets of the Laboratory’s interests. TFL has contributed highly qualified scientists to R/D institutions, both in India and abroad, and skilled technologists to the domestic industry, some of whom have started their own industry.

Padma Shri Prof K.L. Chopra, ex-director IIT Kharagpur founded TFL in 1970. On the occasion of its Golden Jubilee in 2020, TFL alumni have setup the K.L. Chopra endowment fund to support students and researchers working with TFL through scholarships, travel awards etc.  The fund will also be used to organize lectures, workshops and other outreach activities to promote research in Thin Films.

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