Endowed Chairs

Endowing a chair is one of the most significant contributions one can make to IIT Delhi. Chair positions provide the resources our faculty need to do outstanding research and development, promote excellence and bring in the most recent and effectual pedagogy in teaching. They also confer prestige to the holder and the institution.

Endowed faculty professorships and chairs are crucial for recruiting and retaining the highest-quality faculty. The greatest institutions have the best minds, the most-creative researchers, and the most-engaged teachers. Building a mighty base of faculty talent enriches the academic environment, which attracts the brightest students.

A chair can be instituted with an endowment received from  Alumni/ corporates/ philanthropists.  By funding endowed chairs, donors can convene the brightest minds to focus on specific problems or issues and spur advances in those areas. Corporations support endowed chairs to give back to institutions that provide them with creative talent. The relationship also connects corporations with professors, researchers and students who can inspire innovation and creative ideas in a competitive environment.

Any faculty member with a record of accomplishment as an outstanding teacher or researcher would be eligible to be considered for “appointment” against the Chair. If the Chair is established in a specific discipline, area or expertise, then only those who possess the requisite expertise are eligible. The appointment against the Chair is nominally made for five years.

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Donor Recognition
Donor(s) will be able to choose an appropriate name for the Chair.

The faculty member who has been appointed against the Chair will be called “XXX Chair Professor.”
Donor Contribution​
Chairs can be instituted by providing a one-time grant of INR 1 crore.
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