Faculty Awards

IIT Delhi has instituted (and would like to offer more) awards to recognise  exceptional faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and research. 


These awards recognise research excellence in young faculty members, outstanding contributions to fundamental research,  excellence in translational and applied research and outstanding lifetime contributions to research. Faculty members selected for these awards are honored at an annual ceremony held on the Institute’s foundation day (Jan 27).


Excellence in teaching first year classes, in teaching small classes and in teaching classes with large enrollments are recognised by the annual teaching excellence awards which are presented on Teacher’s Day (Sept 5). 


Click here for information on faculty awards endowed by alumni.

Donor Recognition

Donor(s) will be able to choose an appropriate name for the award which will then be referred to as the “xxx faculty Award”.

Donor Contribution​
An endowment of Rs 20 Lakhs can support an annual award of Rs 1 Lakh for perpetuity.