Young Faculty Fellowships

IITD’s ability to recruit and retain young and talented faculty is central to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and research. While there are several factors that influence the decision by young scientists and engineers to pursue a career in teaching or research in India the gap between the compensation we pay our faculty and that received by their peers in the Indian Industry (and elsewhere) is very significant and increasing. This has led to young scientists and engineers turning away from research or teaching as a career option. Even those that do so choose to work abroad or in the private sector in India (including MNC labs). The situation in all disciplines of Science, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Management is equally acute and serious.


Within IITD there is consensus that such a gap must be narrowed most urgently at levels at which most fresh recruitment takes place. With this in mind, IITD instituted the Young Faculty Incentive Scheme (earlier  Outstanding Young Faculty Fellowship) which is awarded at the time of Selection as Assistant Professor for a maximum period of 3 years. The award carries an honorarium of Rs 25,000 per month.


The Young Faculty Fellowships recognize promising new faculty, whose exceptional talent for teaching and research identifies them as future leaders in their fields. 

Donor Recognition
Donor(s) will be able to choose an appropriate name for the fellowship. The faculty member who has been awarded the fellowship will be called the “XXX Young Faculty Fellow.”
Donor Contribution

Fellowships can be instituted by providing a one-time grant of INR 60 Lakhs.