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The objective is to establish an annual “Students Furtherance Program” @ IIT Delhi, supported by the returns/earnings of a special purpose endowment, set-up through contributions from IIT Delhi Alumni, enterprises and other philanthropic organisations.


The purpose is to grant Rs 50,000/ and above as direct financial support each year to as many deserving  incumbent undergraduate student of B.Tech/Dual Degree program enrolled at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi [IITD], fulfiling the stipulated criteria of the Special Program as  mentioned hereafter.


The primary aim of the “Students Furtherance Program” (SFP) is to financially assist economically challenged incoming students who have been accepted at IIT Delhi, to cover their varied associated expenses while pursuing their academic degrees over 4 years. With this aim in mind we want to empoer and enrich the lives and careers of these young students.



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