The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is a program to provide financial aid to undergraduate students (B.Tech. and Dual Degree) at IIT Delhi. Our aim is to provide financial support to any student who needs it to complete his/her education at IITD.

The aid can be availed by any student to cover either half or full tuition fees for four years of their study at IITD. Every student benefiting will pledge to provide similar support (as received by them) to two students after they graduate. This donation from students would be expected within the first four years after they start earning.

The program will be seeded with contributions from Philanthropists, Alumni and corporates. We hope to raise a hundred full-tuition awards in the next five years. After 5 years, it is expected that students who availed these awards will begin contributing to IITD. The number of available awards would then double every 4-5 years.

It is important to note that these awards are not loans and the beneficiaries are not legally obliged to contribute to IITD. However, it is expected that students who benefited from these awards would honour their pledge to extend similar support to future students. The aid is not a scholarship either and hence all students (irrespective of merit) can avail this aid.

Every student who receives aid under this program helps two other students and thus, every student is both a donee and a donor. To recognise this and to encourage students to not just avail this aid but also to give back to the Institute, the “Giving Tree”  with names of all students who availed this aid be displayed as an artwork at a prominent location in the Institute. Alumni, when they visit the Institute would feel proud to see that their contribution was instrumental in benefiting their descendants (in the tree). Students when they view this artwork during their stay on campus would be encouraged to be on the tree.
Donor Contribution

Rs 4lakhs cover half-tuition for 1 student for 4 years.