Udaigiri House had witnessed a profound character arc, from being practically ‘non-existent’ when it was found to dominate today’s Institute level competitions. The proud residents of our House have worked tooth and nail in this uphill journey. The path was a little windy in the beginning, but after 2015 the Eagles never looked back. We proudly claim our PFC culture to be the best in the institute. The Eagles have soared well above others in Dramatics, Debating, Literary, and Dance for quite a few years now. Our own little ‘Chhichhore’ story is still one of the most inspiring tales out there. We finished as runner-ups in the General Championship two years in a row, from finishing next to last in the previous year’s tourneys.


Udaigiri, one of the youngest hostels in IIT Delhi, was never a pushover and has remarkably continued to make tremendous strides each passing year. Our ever-improving results in various cultural events are a testament to the fact. The chess masters in Udaigiri checkmated all their opponents and acquired the first spot. The Literary Club established its dominance by taking control of the peak in the Potpourri battle. The elite dancers of Udaigiri took home the top prize in the Duo competition. Our PFC Eagles captured the top 2 positions in Create 3.0 and the crown in Photo-story. They also ranked 2nd overall. Our passionate thespians acted their hearts out and won over the critics. They stood first in Short Film Making, and the seniors managed to win the 1st and 3rd spots in Seniors Monoact. The rush doesn’t stop here. Winning over the critics’ hearts, they ranked 2nd in Gandhigiri and 3rd in parody making. The whimsical poets over at Hindi Samiti Club acquired the 2nd spot in Debating and the 4th in Creative Writing. We also were successful in expanding the culture and outreach of our clubs. The Debating, FACC, and the Music clubs saw many participants compared to previous years.


In its limited years of existence, Udaigiri has seen great talents ushering in its backyards. Since its inception, the hostel has been home to indeed the nation’s cream and has time and again proved its mettle in various competitions.

But there’s still a long way to go. There is a lot to be done.


As the present torchbearers of Udaigiri, we have envisaged a Udaigiri that would be the best and would cater to all the needs of its citizens. Some of the points we have envisioned to foster a more nurturing culture at UDAIGIRI include:


  1. Indoor Sports room: To foster a better culture and interactions among the citizens through playful activities, we intend to bring all the indoor sports under a single roof- table tennis tables, pool, carrom boards, chess boards, all in a single place.
  2. Fest prizes: to foster and nurture more fantastic talent; we plan to implement it through a system of incentives by giving generous rewards to the winners of multi-faceted competitions as a token of encouragement and appreciation.


Suppose all goes well, and we can achieve what we desire. In that case, we’ll be able to build a UDAIGIRI that is unparalleled and unmatched, leading the hostels in every aspect.

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Prof Deepti Gupta adhm@admin.iitd.ac.in