The tiger and the lion may be powerful, but the Wolf doesn’t perform in the circus.These lines aptly describe the Wolves of Zanskar.


Zanskar is home to Machau seniors who guide their energetic & curious juniors towards excellence in every field, be it academics, sports, cultural events, literally anything under the sun. Though we all come from diverse backgrounds, we all identify ourselves as a family of ‘Zanskaris’. We are together like a pack of wolves in every situation, be it during the “anti-cheering” during GC to events like GD. Zanskar is not just a hostel, but home to us ‘Zanskaris’. Wolf symbolizes the spirit of Zanskar. We protect those who stand behind us, respect those who stand behind us & defeat those who dare to stand against us.


Zanskar appears like an ‘underdog’ but has clinched two podium finishes in the General Championship in the last three years. The legacy doesn’t stop here. Zanskar has won podiums after podiums in events of almost every club ranging from PFC to Hindi Samiti. Zanskaris has been elected as secretaries of many clubs & captains of various sports, which has helped the House achieve its peak performance in cultural & sports events. Past House committees have worked significantly towards the holistic development of the hostel & its residents by providing the best facilities & infrastructure.


Looking forward, we have a bright vision for our future. We aspire to work towards building an environment that will allow for the overall development of the hostel, its residents, and the IITD community. Jai Zanskar!

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Prof Deepti Gupta